Egocentric network analysis with R

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This workshop is an introduction to the R programming language and its tools to represent, manipulate and analyze egocentric or personal networks. No previous familiarity with R is required.

Topics include: introduction to ego-network research and data; introduction to data structures and network objects in R; visualizing ego-networks; calculating summary measures on ego-network composition and structure; converting your ego-network measures to general R functions; applying your functions to many ego-networks.

The workshop emphasizes R tidyverse packages for data science, and how tidyverse functions can be employed to easily conduct common operations in egocentric network analysis and to seamlessly scale them up to large collections of ego-networks. We’ll cover both base R functions and specific packages for network analysis (igraph and statnet’s network), data management (dplyr) and programming (purrr).

This workshop has been taught for the past several years at different international conferences and summer schools, including INSNA’s Sunbelt and EUSN meetings. It draws on concepts and methods described in “Conducting personal network research: A practical guide” by Christopher McCarty, Miranda J. Lubbers, Raffaele Vacca and José Luis Molina (Guilford Press).

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Egocentric network analysis with R