Selected publications

I mostly use this page to link to publication webpages and full texts. See my CV for a complete list of publications.


Beyond ethnic solidarity: the diversity and specialisation of social ties in a stigmatised migrant minority
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Cross-classified multilevel models for personal networks: detecting and accounting for overlapping actors
Sociological Methods & Research
Structure in personal networks: constructing and comparing typologies
Network Science
Conducting personal network research
Conducting personal network research. A practical guide
Guilford Press
Great minds think alike, or do they often differ? Research topic overlap and the formation of scientific teams
Journal of Informetrics
Multilevel Models for Personal Networks
Multilevel models for personal networks: methods and applications
Italian Journal of Applied Statistics
Connecting the dots: implementing and evaluating a network intervention to foster scientific collaboration and productivity
Social Networks
A personal network approach to the study of immigrant structural assimilation and transnationalism
Social Networks
Who and Where: A Socio-Spatial Integrated Approach for Community-Based Health Research
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Detecting and analyzing research communities in longitudinal scientific networks
Plos One
The emergence of team science: understanding the state of adoption research through social network analysis
Adoption & Fostering
Identity and publication in non-university settings: academic co-authorship and collaboration