UF R Social Sciences Interest Group (RSSIG)

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What’s RSSIG?

RSSIG is an interest group for University of Florida social scientists who use or are learning how to use the R programming language for statistical analysis. RSSIG mainly works through a Canvas website to which any UF student or faculty can register.

Based in the UF Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, the group gathers faculty and graduate students from various  social science departments, including Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Linguistics, and Geography.

We aim to facilitate and coordinate R learning for UF social scientists through workshops, courses, and similar events on campus; to distribute information about R learning resources and facilities at UF and beyond; to discuss R resources for social scientists (functions, packages, tutorials, websites, books, etc.); and to foster interaction among UF colleagues who are learning and using R.

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For more information contact Raffaele Vacca at the UF Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law.