Viszards session at Sunbelt 2015

One of the best things at the INSNA annual conference, the Viszards session is a great opportunity to see the power of graphics and visualization in social network research — and the beauty of data visualization in general. Different nerds people from different universities/disciplines/countries share the same (usually big) network data set and try and come up with an interesting visualization for it. This year’s data set was a collection of several million geo-located tweets collected during the Soccer World Cup 2014, with hashtags related to the event.

I participated to the Viszards 2015 with an attempt to visualize “inefficient” hubs in a day on Twitter. Inefficient hubs are hyper-central users who get a lot of mentions (retweets, replies), but mention back very few other users. These are typically celebrities or organizations such as (in this case) soccer teams or FIFA. Below is one of my figures showing an “elite” of inefficient hubs (blue nodes) that receive a disproportionately higher number of mentions (red ties) compared to the mentions they send to others (blue ties).

Many thanks to J├╝rgen Pfeffer for organizing this year’s Viszards and putting the data together, and to Jeff Johnson for inviting me to participate.

Inefficient hubs

Viszards session at Sunbelt 2015
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