About me

I am a sociologist at the University of Milan, Italy, in the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Behave Lab. I’m also a courtesy faculty member in the Bureau of Economic and Business Research of the University of Florida, USA, where until recently I was assistant professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. My full CV is below.

Most of my work is concerned with social networks, migration, and health in Europe and the USA. I’m especially interested in the way networks of social interactions, relationships and support develop in immigrant communities and shape immigrants’ lives and health in different countries. I’ve conducted research on the Sri Lankan community in Italy, West African immigrants in Spain, Roma people in France, and Mexican farm workers in Florida.

I’m also interested in the study of science and scientific collaboration, particularly in research related to health and sustainability. Part of my work is methodological research on network analysis and statistical modeling for social network data. I teach courses on general sociology, migration, health inequalities, social networks, quantitative methods for social research, and R programming.