ConsNet postdoc recruiting: digital media, topic modeling and networks

This postdoc search is now closed.

We are hiring a postdoctoral fellow to join the ConsNet project’s team at the University of Milan (Unimi) and the University of Milano-Bicocca (Bicocca) in Milano, Italy.

  • Apply via email: see instructions below
  • Application deadline: February 9, 2024 at 11.59 pm (Italian time). Candidates will meet online with the project team on February 19, 2024.

The postdoc will join the ConsNet project, a study of conspiracy beliefs, their social determinants, and how they impact health behaviors and outcomes in Italy (more info here). The position will be based at the Unimi Department of Social and Political Sciences, where the postdoc will be part of a team of digital sociologists and the department’s Behave Lab.

The postdoc will collaborate with other ConsNet team members in the following main task areas:

  1. Gathering text and network digital data from social media websites, apps, and in-depth interviews.
  2. Pre-processing of the data.
  3. Data analysis with methods of natural language processing, topic modeling, content/discourse analysis, and network analysis.

Important job information:

  • Location: Milano, Italy
  • Expected salary range: € 2,300-2,500/month (after tax)
  • Expected start date: March 1, 2024
  • Duration: 20 months
  • Relevant candidate expertise and interests: digital data, natural language processing, computational social science, content analysis, discourse analysis, social network analysis, R/Python
  • PhD in Social Sciences, Linguistics, Statistics or related fields preferred but not required at start date

Application instructions

  • Apply via email by February 9, 2024 at 11.59 pm (Italian time).
  • Download the following files from links below:
  • Fill the candidate info form and the application form and email them to The application form should indicate:
    • Name of MA/MS degree with final grade
    • Name of PhD degree (or expected PhD degree)
    • List of scientific qualifications (e.g., teaching and scientific activities, conferences, research grants, awards, fellowships, etc.) to be considered by the search committee (same as in your CV)
    • Full references to candidate’s publications (you may also attach a pdf copy for some or all of these to the email)
    • Copy of your ID document (e.g., passport or Italian ID card)
  • Fill the CV template and email it to
  • In both emails, the subject should be: “Pec Domanda di concorso Assegno di Ricerca Dott. Vacca Raffaele – Cod. ID: 6366”
  • All applicants will need to participate in an online meeting with the project team on Monday February 19 at 15:00 (Italy time). Please note that participation in this meeting is required for your application to proceed. A link for the meeting will be emailed to applicants a few days in advance.

Please contact Raffaele Vacca and Massimo Airoldi for any question about the position and application.

All information and forms for this postdoc application can also be found at the Unimi institutional webpage for the job search and the Unimi webpage for postdoc and research fellowship postings.

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ConsNet postdoc recruiting: digital media, topic modeling and networks