Upcoming workshop on ego-network analysis with R

Registration is open for the next INSNA international Sunbelt conference on social network analysis in Utrecht, the Netherlands (June 26-July 1, 2018).

I’ll teach a workshop on ego-network analysis with R, now in its 8th edition. The workshop includes two 3-hour sessions starting on June 29 at 9am. All relevant information can be found at this page, including abstract, topics and prerequisites. You can register here.

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Interest in personal or ego-centric networks has grown a lot over the past few years, with more and more workshops, books and journal issues coming out on the topic. Sunbelt 2018 will have many opportunities to learn about ego-networks, in addition to my workshop.

Till Krenz will teach a workshop on egor, a new R package that simplifies many common ego-network analysis tasks. Brea Perry‘s workshop on multilevel statistical models for ego-network data has been taught for years at the Sunbelt and will be there this year too, together with a statnet workshop on ego-centric networks. Several conference sessions will also be entirely dedicated to ego-network research.

The whole conference program is here, and information about all workshops is at this link.

See you in Utrecht!

Upcoming workshop on ego-network analysis with R
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